Monday, February 9, 2009

Life hurts but God heals.

My name is Ellen and I have just become the Encourager Coach at Victory Church in St. Clair Mo for Celebrate Recovery. I am new at being an Encourager Coach and if anyone from another Celebrate Recovery program would like to give me some pointers I will be glad to except. As Christians know we are a work in progress and always learning.
I am here for support. Not to fix. I urge anyone if you are feeling lonely, depressed, angry, need help with drug or Alcohol addictions, Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered 12 Step program and it does work I am living proof. For over 40 years I was depressed, the pain of my childhood just would not let go until God healed me. Everyday I struggle with life issuses and it sure helps to have a place to talk about how I am feeling. I know it is really hard to understand how can something like 40 years of depression be healed so quickly, but it can and it was. Thank God. I wanted to add what is said in our groups stays in our groups, anonymity and confidentiality is a very important part of Celebrate Recovery. If you need to just talk please email me at So please if you need to talk contact someone, what have you got to lose, ah yes your hurts, habits and hangups. For a Celebrate Recovery nearest you go to .